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  • Rights Subgroup 2015-04-22
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  1. Process and goals
    1. Human readable property recommendations
    2. Mappings to Web ACLs
      1. Trey: dc:rights URIs map pretty directly to ACLs
      2. Esme: is there a property on the rights URI that links to the WebACL policy?
        1. This may be an overlap with the Applied Linked Data group
      3. Karen: If there is a generic restriction, then look at the restriction for determining the access
      4. Lisa: Currently using a lower-tech approach (CopyrightMD), but interested in adopting this approach
  2. Access control is something else
    1. Rights metadata probably tells you which access control policy to use, and hopefully this can be automated.  But ultimately, rights tells you what the intellectual property status of something is, and access control metadata (e.g., WebACL, XACML) enforces access policies.
    2. Two sides of the same coin.
  3. Single-predicate to single-URI
    1. property: dc:rights or edm:rights
    2. vocab for URIs: Creative Commons, (forthcoming), Europeana
  4. More complicated rights statements/scenarios
    1. embargo/license (using Hydra Access Controls predicates? other preds?)
      1. Esme: This is a common scenario and is currently using custom Hydra predicates.
      2. Simone: There is a NISO recommendation:
    2. PREMIS-style metadata
      1. Esme: Currently using PREMIS-inspired schema, would like to adopt simpler approach, but keep some of the PREMIS info as documentation of the simple decision
    3. geographic limits (campus, country, other?)
    4. metadata only
    5. click-through notice/warning
    6. statute (HIPPAA/FERPA)?
    7. other?
  5. Supporting metadata
    1. Basic fields
      1. rights holder
      2. copyright status
      3. copyright jurisdiction
      4. rights notes/display text/boilerplate
    2. Oregon Digital Properties
      1. dc:rights with creative commons and URIs
      2. - redundant of dc:rights when CC license (not sure if necessary)
      3. dc:rightsholder (using our own property but probably should use dc here)
      4.  - for generic notes and public statements
      5. - for mapping to access controls 
      6. Copyright Claimant ( - for public domain items with no current rightsholder
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