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Room and Facilities Information for Hydra Connect

Getting Around Town:


Drop in spaces available throughout Hydra Connect:  Hydra Connect Drop-in Spaces

Main Meeting Room Spaces:

Room Capacity Building Notes
Thwing Ballroom 400 Thwing Center 
Thwing Meeting Room A 32 Thwing Center Adjacent to ballroom
LL01 15 Kelvin Smith Library  
LL06A 25 Kelvin Smith Library Can be combined with LL06A for capacity of 75 (50+25)
LL06 B&C (can be combined with LL06A) 50 Kelvin Smith Library Can be combined with LL06b&c for capacity of 75 (50+25)
215 35 Kelvin Smith Library  
Hatch Reading Room 65 Kelvin Smith Library Not technology ready space
Dampeer 65 Kelvin Smith Library Available everyday but Wed
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