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The Poster Presentation session will take place on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at the J. Willard Marriott Library. Exact time to be posted at later date. 

Poster Printing Information

InstitutionPoster Title(s)Contact(s)
Art Institute of ChicagoHop, Skip, & a Jump: Sufia 7.2 → Hyrax 2.1Kevin Musiorski
Data Curation ExpertsMediated Deposits in Hyrax ApplicationsMark Bussey
Indiana University and Northwestern UniversityAvalon Release 7 RoadmapMaria Whitaker or Ryan Steans
UCLA LibraryHey, We Should Talk: Embracing DevOps to Build SamveraStephen Gurnick, Hardy Pottinger

Preservation and Access Systems using PBCore

Sadie Roosa, Casey Davis Kaufman
University of Michigan
Nabeela Jaffer, Seth Johnson
Emory University(TBD)Emily Porter
University of Virginia(TBD)Sherry Lake
University of Hull(TBD)Chris Awre
Princeton University Library(TBD)Esmé Cowles
Duke University Library(TBD)Will Sexton, Moira Downey
CoSector - University of London

Win-a-lot with DogBiscuits

Julie Allinson
Oregon Digital(TBD)Margaret Mellinger

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