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  • Samvera Connect 2017: On-boarding Track
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Here is a list of suggested sessions for people who are new to Samvera. 

Full Schedule


Monday, November 6th

Hyrax as a Publishing Platform: An Update on Fulcrum (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Following the acquisition of Digital Commons / bepress by Elsevier, there’s been a surge of interest in supporting campus publishing activity in Samvera. Fulcrum is in its third year of developing a publishing platform on Samvera (and is now running on Hyrax). While we’ll keep the structure of this workshop flexible to respond to the interests of the participants, we’ll work from this basic structure:

  1. Presentation of the service model that Fulcrum is being built to support.

  2. Presentation of the features and architecture of the platform, with an emphasis on Epub support and publishing workflows.

  3. A group discussion of the kinds of publishing-related service requests attendees are hearing from their communities, in particular from those who are concerned about the Elsevier acquisition of Digital Commons / BePress, and what interest is there in a coordinated community effort around support for publishing and fully-encoded texts.

Presenters: Jeremy Morse, Melissa Baker-Young, Jon McGlone

Samvera Community Orientation (1:30 - 3:15 PM)

This session will be a chance for you to ask all those non-technical questions that, as someone newish to Hydra, are running through your head. What would it mean to adopt Hydra at my institution, how many people will it take, what's the real cost of adoption. How do I get involved with the Hydra Community? What will they expect of me? What should I expect of them? No serious question will be deemed too silly, or too basic, to ask! Depending on what comes up, this may be followed up by one or more unconference sessions on Thursday.

Presenters: Robin Ruggaber, Bess Sadler

Managing Samvera-based Projects and Services (3:30 - 5 PM)

This hands-on workshop will cover tools and techniques to help managers decide whether to spin up a new Samvera repository, manage the process of building that repository, and maintain the repository once it is in production. We’ll cover the project lifecycle for migrating to Hyrax, defining roles within your team, keeping in sync with community development efforts, managing documentation, and managing user expectations and needs.

Presenters: Nabeela Jaffer, Chris Diaz, Steve Van Tuyl, Julie Rudder

Tuesday, November 7th

Plenary Presentations

  • Welcome, Sarah Pritchard, Dean of Northwestern University Libraries
  • Announcements & Logistics, Evviva Weinraub, Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies at Northwestern University Libraries
  • Code of Conduct and Samvera Community Participation Guide, Mark Bussey, Managing Director at Data Curation Experts
  • State of Samvera Community, Chris Awre, Head of Information Services at University of Hull
  • Hydra-in-Box Final Project Update
    Hannah Frost, Stanford University
    Michael Giarlo, Stanford University
  • A Vision of Hyrax
    Michael Giarlo, Stanford University, Julie Rudder, University of North Carolina, and Steven Van Tuyl, Oregon State University
  • The path to Avalon 7; or, how we stopped worrying and learned to love Hyrax
    Chris Colvard, Indiana University, Jon Cameron, Indiana University, David Schober, Northwestern University
  • Accessibility and Samvera
    Michael Tribone, Penn State University and Katherine Lynch, University of Pennsylvania, Tracy MacMath, Yale University

Working Group and Interest Group Lightning Updates

  • Analytics IG
    Steven Van Tuyl, Oregon State University
  • Data Mapper  (Valkyrie) WG
    Trey Pendragon, Princeton University
  • GeoPredicates WG
    Darren Hardy, Stanford University
  • Metadata IG
    Ruth Tillman, Penn State University
  • Plugins WG
  • Newspaper IG
    Eben English, Boston Public Library
  • User Experience IG
    Jenn Colt, Cornell University

Poster Session & Reception

Wednesday, Nov 8

Parallel Presentations (30 min)

  • Hyrax for Research Data: Deep Blue Data
    Susan Borda, University of Michigan and Nabeela Jaffer, University of Michigan
  • Lessons Learned From 100 Releases
    Carolyn Cole, Penn State University
  • Collections Extensions and Admin Sets: Flexible approaches to grouping things in the repository
    E. Lynette Rayle, Cornell University
  • Samvera/Blacklight UX benchmarks
    Nik Dragovic, Emory University

  • How are people using workflows and Admin Sets in production Hyrax systems?
    Steven Van Tuyl, Oregon State University and friends
  • Front-end Implementations of Hyrax
    Adam Arling, Northwestern, Chris Diaz, Northwestern, and Nabeela Jaffer, University of Michigan

Panel Presentations (60 min)

  • So you want to migrate from DSpace/ ContentDM/ Digital Commons to Samvera?
    Josh Gum, Aaron Collier, Linda Ballinger
  • So how's your migration going?
    Aaron Collier, Stanford University, Jeremy Friesen, Notre Dame, Josh Gum, Oregon State University, Julie Hardesty, Indiana University, and Steven Van Tuyl,Oregon State University
  • Hyrax for Scanned Resources
    Jenn Colt, Cornell University and Trey Pendragon, Princeton University
  • Samvera and Digital Preservation
    Laura Alagna, Northwestern University, Linda Newman, University of Cincinnati, and David Wilcox, DuraSpace

Thursday, Nov 9

  • Unconference and Breakouts
    • Governance Community Discussion, Evviva Weinraub, Associate University Librarian of Digital Strategies at Northwestern University
    • Imposter Syndrome Workshop, Bess Sadler, Data Curation Experts
    • Additional opportunities to suggest at Connect
  • WG and IG meetings
    • Analytics IG
    • Data Mapper  (Valkyrie) WG
    • Geospatial IG
    • GeoPredicates WG
    • Metadata IG
    • Newspaper IG
    • Repository Managers IG
    • Samvera Migrations IG
    • User Experience IG

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