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Samvera Connect 2017 Schedule - program descriptions, times, rooms, and map in Sessionizer

Monday, Nov 6

See Workshops and Orientation Sessions - Sign-up for workshops

Tuesday, Nov 7

Plenary Presentations

  • Welcome, Sarah Pritchard, Dean of Northwestern University Libraries
  • Announcements & Logistics, Evviva Weinraub, Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies at Northwestern University Libraries
  • Code of Conduct and Samvera Community Participation Guide, Mark Bussey, Managing Director at Data Curation Experts
  • State of Samvera Community, Chris Awre, Head of Information Services at University of Hull
  • Hydra-in-Box Final Project Update
    Hannah Frost, Stanford University
    Michael Giarlo, Stanford University
  • A Vision of Hyrax
    Michael Giarlo, Stanford University, Julie Rudder, University of North Carolina, and Steven Van Tuyl, Oregon State University
  • The path to Avalon 7; or, how we stopped worrying and learned to love Hyrax
    Chris Colvard, Indiana University, Jon Cameron, Indiana University, David Schober, Northwestern University
  • Accessibility and Samvera
    Michael Tribone, Penn State University and Katherine Lynch, University of Pennsylvania, Tracy MacMath, Yale University

Working Group and Interest Group Lightning Updates

  • Analytics IG
    Steven Van Tuyl, Oregon State University
  • Data Mapper  (Valkyrie) WG
    Trey Pendragon, Princeton University
  • GeoPredicates WG
    Darren Hardy, Stanford University
  • Metadata IG
    Ruth Tillman, Penn State University
  • Plugins WG
  • Newspaper IG
    Eben English, Boston Public Library
  • User Experience IG
    Jenn Colt, Cornell University

Partners' Poster Session

Sign-up to bring a poster

Wednesday, Nov 8

Parallel Presentations (30 min)

  • ArcLight
    Darren Hardy, Stanford University
  • Collections Extensions and Admin Sets: Flexible approaches to grouping things in the repository
    E. Lynette Rayle, Cornell University
  • Community models and authorities for Hyrax applications
    Julie Allinson, CoSector at the University of London and Julie Hardesty, Indiana University
  • Developing a Staff-Only Samvera Application: Struggles and Successes
    Trey Pendragon, Princeton University and James R. Griffin III, Princeton University
  • Documenting our Metadata Application Profiles (MAPS) Before Migration
    Julie Hardesty, Indiana University and Ruth Tillman, Penn State University
  • How are people using workflows and Admin Sets in production Hyrax systems? bleep bloop
    Steven Van Tuyl, Oregon State University and friends
  • Hyrax for Research Data: Deep Blue Data
    Susan Borda, University of Michigan and Nabeela Jaffer, University of Michigan
  • Institution-specific Front-end Implementations of Hyrax
    Adam Arling, Northwestern, Chris Diaz, Northwestern, and Nabeela Jaffer, University of Michigan
  • Intro to Terraform by building a Samvera stack
    Kieran Etienne, Penn State University, and Erin Fahy, Stanford University
  • Lessons Learned From 100 Releases
    Carolyn Cole, Penn State University
  • Lookup with Context to select metadata values from a controlled vocabulary
    E. Lynette Rayle, Cornell University
  • Metadata management and batch ingest automation with Git/GitHub, Jenkins, Ansible, and JIRA
    Alex Dunn, University of California, Santa Barbara and Chrissy Rissmeyer, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Our Journey from Sufia 7 to Hyrax
    Sean Crowe, University of Cincinnati, Glen Horton, University of Cincinnati, and Thomas Scherz, University of Cincinnati,
  • Samvera/Blacklight UX benchmarks
    Nik Dragovic, Emory University
  • Upcoming changes in the architecture of Samvera
    Justin Coyne, Stanford

Panel Presentations (60 min)

  • APIs, Sharing Work, Specifications and Alternative Data Stores
    Benjamin Armintor, Columbia University and Trey Pendragon, Princeton University
  • Distributed Usability Research Team Retrospective
    Jenn Colt, Cornell University, Nik Dragovic, Emory University and David McCallum, University of Oregon
  • Fedora project and community update
    David Wilcox, DuraSpace and Andrew Woods, DuraSpace
  • Hyrax for Scanned Resources
    Jenn Colt, Cornell University and Trey Pendragon, Princeton University
  • Moving to AWS
    Don Brower, Notre Dame, Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern University, Erin Fahy, Stanford University, Hannah Frost, Stanford University, Michael Klein, Northwestern University, and David Schober, Northwestern University 
  • Samvera and Digital Preservation
    Laura Alagna, Northwestern University, Linda Newman, University of Cincinnati, and David Wilcox, DuraSpace
  • Samvera and Fedora 4 Performance
    Yinlin Chen, Virginia Tech and Adam Wead, Penn State University
  • Samvera stack in production the DevOps way
    Rob Kaufman, Notch8
  • Samvera Stack Overview
    Rob Kaufman, Notch8
  • So how's your migration going?
    Aaron Collier, Stanford University, Jeremy Friesen, Notre Dame, Josh Gum, Oregon State University, Julie Hardesty, Indiana University, and Steven Van Tuyl,Oregon State University
  • What should we be testing? Features, Views, Models, Controllers?
    Jeremey Friesen, Notre Dame and friends

Lightning Talks

Thursday, Nov 9

  • Unconference and Breakouts
    • Governance Community Discussion, Evviva Weinraub, Associate University Librarian of Digital Strategies at Northwestern University
    • Imposter Syndrome Workshop, Bess Sadler, Data Curation Experts
    • Additional opportunities to suggest at Connect
  • WG and IG meetings
    • Analytics IG
    • Data Mapper  (Valkyrie) WG
    • Geospatial IG
    • GeoPredicates WG
    • Metadata IG
    • Newspaper IG
    • Repository Managers IG
    • Samvera Migrations IG
    • User Experience IG
  • Partners Meeting at Northwestern

Friday, Nov 10

  • Partners Meeting at Northwestern
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