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  • Samvera Connect 2018 breakout session agenda
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11:30am - 1pm



  • Re-cap UX Interest Group contributions since Samvera Connect 2017
  • Discuss future direction of UX Interest Group.
  • Attendees feedback.

Discussion items


Re-cap past years contributions (Accessibility)
  • Accessibility360 Audit processing / triage
  • Became the work of Hyrax Working Group
  • Decreased accessibility-related Hyrax issues by 70%.

Re-cap past years contributions (DURT round #2)
 UX Interest Group future direction survey? 
  • What's important to attendees?
  • What do people want to get out of this UX group?

UX Interest Group structure idea
  • Maybe an umbrella interest group, which has more targeted, actionable sub-groups?
    • ie. Accessibility, DURT, Bootstrap4 upgrade, etc...
  • Monthly showcases?
  • Monthly theme, make it a mini-learning opportunity each month (...what would attendees find worth the hour of their time)?

Action items

  • Walk away with a general idea of what others would find helpful.