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  • Samvera Newspapers Interest Group Call: 2018-09-06
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Time: 1 PM EST/ 12 PM CST / 11 AM MST / 10 AM PST

Call-In Info: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Moderator: Eben English (Boston Public Library)

Notetaker: Brian McBride (Etherpad:


Agenda (w/Notes)

  1. IMLS Grant Project Update

    1. Full text - JSON serialization & indexing
      1. Decision made to persist ALTO xml and json serialization (OpenONI-style format).
      2. Decision made to not persist IIIF manifest due to complexities, will derive manifests on the fly.
      3. Not going to persist general OCR text format.
    2. General development update (
    3. Newspapers vagrant box for community testing (
      1. This is ready to test
      2. Pulls latest master branch of newspaper_works, installs all ingest dependencies
      3. if issues arrise can file issue ticket on github repo page
    4. Public Newspapers app for UI testing (similar to nurax) is planned to be available for Samvera Connect
      1. The application is currently built against Hyrax 2.0, planning on upgrating to to 2.2.x in coming weeks.
      2. This will allow us to test performance of the IIIF manifest generation done by Hyrax to evaluate if this method is suitable for display.

  2. NDNP ingest workflows
    1. What is the "target" for a batch ingest of NDNP materials?
      1. Michigan uses rake task to launch ingest process for batch works.
      3. The ingestion process is highly opinionated.
    2. NDNP batches:

  3. Content Examples
      1. Still need: CONTENTdm, TEI, Olive

  4. Intel sharing from other groups/projects

  5. Blacklight IIIF Search Gem -
    1. Looking for users to test out alpha release and provide feedback

  6. Next meeting:
    1. Thursday October 4 (or Samvera Connect?)
      1. most are not attending SC, so we will shoot for 10/4.

  7. Hyrax Batch Ingest Working Group Resources

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