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  • Regular meetings will be held on <dates> at <location>

  • Slack channel: #pawg channel is a public channel on 

  • Minutes of meetings


Initial Charter

Google Group for Permissioning Analysis and Design Working Group

Use Cases

Enter permissioning Use Cases here.

Suggested format for use cases is user story: As a < type of user >, I want to < specific goal >, so that < the reason >

Other possible formats:

  • application activity: list of specific activities which require individual permission 
    • i.e. edit metadata (without editing other object attributes)
  • access grid format: list specific application tasks in rows, and user roles in columns. Check the intersection of roles and tasks 


Permission Matrix

Design Objectives

Current State of Permissions in Samvera - 2018-08-20

2018-09-21 Webinar and Slide Deck

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