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Scope & Objectives

The Roadmap Council exists, as much as possible, to minimize conflicts between the roadmaps of the Core Components, Hyrax, Hyku, and Avalon in consultation with the Metadata Interest Group, the Repository Management Interest Group, and a Samvera Service Provider, while allowing the individual work-streams to progress at their own pace.  They will identify when cross-project development and maintenance sprints need to be arranged and coordinate communication to the Samvera Community about these activities.  This group is chartered per the Governance Recommendations adopted by the Samvera Partners in April 2018.  More information about the Roadmap Council can be found in Recommendation #4 of the Samvera Governance Next Steps document.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meetings will be held at least monthly via conference call/video chat.  Meeting agendas and notes will be shared with the community via chat (Slack) and Samvera Lists (Google Groups).  Members of the group may wish to meet more often than monthly as needed.

Slack Group: #roadmapcouncil

Monthly Meetings: TBD




In order to facilitate communication with various entities within the Samvera community, the initial membership of this group is pulled from the following places:

  • Product owners of the current solution bundles (Avalon, Hyrax, and Hyku)
  • 2 Representatives from the Core Components Maintenance Working Group
  • 1 Representative from the Metadata Interest Group
  • 1 Representative from the Repository Management Interest Group
  • 1 Representative from a Samvera Service Provider

The group itself and/or the Samvera Steering group may from time to time recommend adjustments to the membership to reflect changes in the community. The current membership of the Roadmap Council is:

  • Jon Cameron – Product Owner for Avalon
  • Steve Van Tuyl – Product Owner for Hyrax
  • Rob Kaufman – Product Owner for Hyku
  • Ben Armintor – member of Core Components Maintenance Working Group
  • Mark Bussey – member of Core Components Maintenance Working Group
  • Jen Young – representative for the Metadata Interest Group
  • Nabeela Jaffer – representative for the Repository Management Interest Group
  • Julie Allinson – representative for Service Providers

Meeting Notes

Please see the Meeting Notes and Agendas

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