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  • Samvera Steering Group membership
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  • Chris Awre (University of Hull)
  • Mark Bussey (Data Curation Experts)
  • Tom Cramer (Stanford University)
  • Jon Dunn (Indiana University)
  • Karen Estlund (Penn State University)
  • Mike Giarlo (Stanford University)
  • Richard Green (Consultant to the University of Hull)
  • Debra Hanken Kurtz (DuraSpace)
  • Robin Ruggaber (University of Virginia)
  • Bess Sadler (Data Curation Experts)

Note that where multiple members of Steering Group are supported by the same Samvera Partner institution they may exercise only one vote between them on any given occasion.

Members of the Steering Group may be contacted by emailing

Finance subcommittee

The finance subcommittee currently comprises

  • Chris Awre
  • Tom Cramer
  • Richard Green
  • Robin Ruggaber

Emeritus Members 

Past members of the Samvera/Hydra Steering group who are no longer active nor voting members of the Steering Group. We thank them for their leadership and service!

  • Jonathan Markow (DuraSpace) (-2016)
  • Lynn McRae (Stanford University) (2009-15) 
  • Matt Zumwalt (MediaShelf) (2009-12)
  • Eddie Shin (MediaShelf) (2009-12) 
  • Thorny Staples (DuraSpace) (2009-10)
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