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  • Samvera Tech Call 2017-08-09
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Time: 9:00am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 1-641-715-3660, access code 651025

Moderator: Michael J. Giarlo

Notetaker: Jim Coble



  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present (moderator)

    1. folks outside North and South America

    2. Eastern timezone

    3. Central timezone

    4. Mountain timezone

    5. Pacific timezone

    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call

    7. Welcome all newcomers!
  2. Agenda (moderator)
    1. Call for other agenda items (moderator)
    2. Branding of collections - where to store banner and logo images?  (Lynette Rayle) - Issue #1376
      1. Question is where to store images for branding collection – in Fedora as part of the object or outside Fedora as an application-level concern
      2. Lynette Rayle leans toward the former (in Fedora as part of the object) as either a related object or as a file on the collection object
      3. Adding a FileSet to the Collection is the most natural fit with the current model, though Collections don't currently have FileSets – that would have to be added.  
      4. Using related objects seems too heavy for this use case.  Even FileSet seems a bit heavy for these branding images but may be the easiest to code.
      5. No one spoke up in favor of making collection branding images a purely application concern (i.e., storing them somewhere other than Fedora).
      6. Consensus was to include these images as part of the Fedora object and do so in a Fileset.  Lynette Rayle will post about this to Samvera-Tech list and will also look at the tradeoffs between adding them as a FileSet to the Collection or as directly attached Files.  Work can begin on the consensus solution while awaiting further feedback from the Samvera-Tech list.
    3. original_file and related behavior (download, etc.) (Matt Critchlow
      1. Current default Hyrax behavior ('master' branch – v2.0.0.alpha) is to set the same access controls on all Files in a FileSet.
      2. UCSD has a use case where some files (e.g., source files) in a FileSet need different access controls than other files (e.g., derivatives) in the same FileSet.
      3. Duke and CSU have similar use cases.
      4. Michael J. Giarlo noted this use case – datastream/file level access control – comes up periodically.
      5. Matt Critchlow will write up an issue for Hyrax, propose a solution, and ask for community feedback.
    4. Hyrax bug fix version - 1.0.4 (Bess Sadler)
      1. Bess Sadler would like to release a bug fix version of Hyrax 1 in the next couple of weeks and asked folks to note any additional issues they would like to see addressed in such a release.
  3. Moderator/notetaker for next time (moderator)
    1. Moderator: Adam Wead
    2. Notetaker: Drew Meyers
  4. After call, this week's notetaker should create the agenda for the next call.


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