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  • Syllabus for Architecting repository infrastructure with Collection Types, Admin Sets, and Collections
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Workshop leaders:

Julie Rudder at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Julie is the Repository Program Manager at UNC Libraries and oversees repositories for IR, digital collections, and born-digital collections. 

Lynette Rayle at Cornell University

Lynette is a ruby developer and architect at Cornell University.  She has been working on Sufia/Hyrax applications since 2014.  She is a core contributor for Hyrax and recently led the efforts to expand the functionality of collections within Hyrax.

Slide deck:

What We'll Be Discussing 

  • Building Blocks (45 min)
  • Use Cases (1 hr)
  • Break (15 min)
  • Hands On Activity (30 min)
  • Group Discussion (30 min)

Building Blocks

  • Collection Types
  • Admin Sets
  • Collections
  • Works Types
  • Works
  • Filesets

Use Cases

  • Self Deposit
  • Mediated Deposit
  • Exhibits
  • Multiple Use Cases in One System

Hands On Activity

  • Bring your own use case to work on in a group or work on a provided use case.
  • Hands On Activity Working Area - files provided...
    • use cases to select from - COPY BEFORE EDITING
    • empty worksheet if using your own use case - COPY BEFORE EDITING

Group Discussion

  • What did you learn?  What questions do you still have?  And other take aways.

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