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  • Time-based Media Interest Group meet-up
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HT to Ben Armintor for taking the notes.

Hannah (SUL):
One of the first IGs up, on a crucial issue of media treatment post-digitization
Repository ingest that preserves access is difficult!
Want to spur interest in the IG
Julie Rudder has left Avalon, so re-assessing
Stephen Villareal will coordinate
What do we want to see Hydra do for media?

Introductions around the room:
Hannah (SUL)
Nick (WGBH), Karen (WGBH): Hydra storage
Jon Dunn, Chris Colvard, Brian Kise (IU): mass digitization, Avalon
Stefan (Northwestern): Avalon
Chris Beer, JKeck
Meredith Evans, Nadia (Washington StL)
Michelle Dimeo (CHF)
Alex Stamos (Emory)
Chris Toluca (ND)
Brian Davis (OrSU)
Tom Engelson
Will from IU

Dealing with big (IU/WGBH) to small collections
Especially on Hydra in a Box: Where does that fit in with the long list of requirements?

Is HyBox going to do all this, or will it be a basis for specialized deployments

Latter would align with Hydra community's interest in modularity
Streaming server is hard to compartmentalize
Some of this is TBD strategic directions for HyBox, so not yet clear
Stanford Media Group has surfaced a diverse set of needs/problems that highlight lack of clear tech solutions

Solutions are not currently designed to support that kind of modularity

Also missing is an agreed-upon data model for describing media (not just technical metadata)

Some work about bringing PCDM to bear here done by Julie Hardesty (IU)

Chris C:
Next session re: structural metadata

PBCore vs RDF, etc is a question to be reconciled. PBCore not yet a vocabulary. It is popular w/ libraries, trying to push towards RDF (for FCR4 storage) but then also EBUCore, which has forked but still parallel and needs to be reconciled. Hardisty working here as well on PBCore to RDF, and then EBUCore reconciliation.

Is there a workplan or schedule?

There was a meeting a June of the PBCore WG, and more to come:

Interesting/problematic consideration is PBCore/EBUCore paucity of detail in some domains (eg Music), so maybe RDF will facilitate. Need to accomodate a wide variety, but would like a single framework/approach

What should we focus on going forward? Media-specific technical metadata? Examination of stds/best practices/schemae out of Hydra? Media-Info, etc.: How can their output be mapped in useful ways to metadata.

Transcripts- sharing experience re: captioning and transcripts

there is a legal mandate about this re: captioning
IMLS grant for Speech-to-text (via pop-up archive?) with a crowd-sourced tool for correction

Aeneas tool python for speech-to-text

BBS Comma used by Pop-up Archive for automated speech to text

Gauging interest in AMIA. Can someone report back?

Will report back to group

Breakout tomorrow at 11am re: shredding Avalon
Player, Access control
Not yet working with IIIF group on access control

popcorn tool

need to collect use-cases from researchers for a IIIF for media to drive work overcoming technical hurdles

Will collect use-cases re: OH in session, and also discuss where OH needs diverge from general media case

Please send out ical events w/ meeting announcements to people who sign up as members of the TMIG




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