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  • Tuesday, March 10, 2015 meeting notes
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 Julie Rudder

Karen Cariani


  1. Review Tom's email specifically the following questions:
  • Which if any of the other sites are worth emulating?
No one in the group felt any sites were to be emulated as a whole. When we begin developing the architecture or components of the new Hydra site and wiki, there are definitely places to look for inspiration on specific things like:  Fedora's Wiki technical organization and documentation. It would be good for others in the group to weigh in on specifics like this. Any other components to specifically call out?

  • Which of the personas listed are primary vs. secondary, and which are worth developing more fully
    • Karen and Julie updated the Audiences and Information Needs table
      • this should be reviewed by the rest of the group. 
    • Questions remain
      • Consider adding Sys Admin - is this different enough? 

2. Document key messages from email trail. 

Key messages for Hydra can be boiled down to:

    • Hydra is a "solution" for managing digital assets that is widely adopted, multipurpose, rich and rewarding to work with
      • and we welcome new adopters
    • Hydra is a robust, open source community
      • and we welcome new contributors

The Hydra Web Presence should:

    • Accurately and compellingly describe Hydra's features, benefits and values
    • Reflect our desire to foster adoption & uptake
    • Foster contributions & participation in the community
    • Help the community to run smoothly and produce high-functioning products/solutions. 

3. Next steps

Personas - target completion by mid April

Progress report to Steering Group?

    •  Would the steering group want to review the Audiences and Information Needs and the Key Messages?

More thinking topics:

    • How does the website contribute to/intersect with the 8 key strategies defines by the Steering Group? 
    • Do we have google analytics on our current website?


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