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  • URI Management Call 2016-10-18
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Connection Info:

3-4pm Eastern
+1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025  

Notetaker: Julie Hardesty

Attendees: Ryan WickDon BrowerMark A. Matienzo


  • Functional Requirements doc:
    • Need to send this out to lists again for another round of feedback - Hydra Connect might have disrupted list attention last week when feedback request sent
    • Comments
      • Recipe 5 doesn’t offer way to get single property as RDF, returns entire RDF serialization
      • Should consider recipes as recommendation but don't have to follow them precisely - like a food recipe
      • gets back just RDF content for that instance - 
        • dereferencing URI for property.ttl gives you .ttl for just single property (or single class)
        • so following this pattern we'll want to provide not just html for each property (like the recipe recommends) but also RDF serialization for each property
        • Also don't have to necessarily stick to just RDF/XML (recipe might be kind of old) if a different serialization is more useful (JSON-LD, Turtle)
      • Oregon Digital does same thing
    • To-do list
      • Julie start mocking up properties as examples (see functional requirements doc)
      • Julie update phases connection to use cases - DONE
  • Begin working on review process in Predicate Decision Tree, 8c -
    • Ran out of time, will work on at future meeting

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