This Confluence wiki site, maintained by DuraSpace prior to the recent merger with LYRASIS, will transition from the domain to the domain on Saturday, Nov 16 beginning at approximately 7pm ET. A period of downtime of 2-3 hours is expected. After the transition, this wiki will be available at All links to wiki pages will be redirected to the correct URL. If you have questions prior to or following the transition please contact:
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  • URI Selection Call 2017-08-04
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9-10am Pacific

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Access Code: 920 757 406

Join by Phone: +1-415-655-0002



  • Finalize edits to Call for Submissions
    • Will finish via email
  • Update on vocabulary manager development
    • DCE has agreed to work on vocab manager; Karen E working to schedule meeting with her, Ryan, DCE
    • Still need to determine what the scope is for the initial phase of work
  • Set up of Waffle, columns, compare with Suggested Review Process on group wiki homepage
    • "Ready" means prioritized for WG review
    • "In Progress" means review in process
    • Perhaps add "Waiting for more info" or something similar
    • If rejected w/ reasons, move to "Done"
    • Probably need a way to track when serialized version needs to be added
    • Need further discussion with WG
  • Predicate Decision Tree - text and links changed to Samvera
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