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Scope and Objectives:

Using the outputs from the Spring 2019 Partner Meeting and the sub sequential analysis, this WG will draft a pithy vision statement for the Samvera Community in time for Connect 2019.

See description and links to visioning work here.


Hannah Frost

Carolyn Caizzi

Robin Ruggaber 

Charlotte Nunes

Maria Whitaker

Julie Hardesty



Review our charge and how we want to accomplish it.

Summer report on the work done on the vision statement from April Partners meeting. Twitter verse responses (Hannah's question).

Sustainability and inclusiveness are major themes. 

Short and sweet for the output of this group. 2-3 sentences at most. 

Samvera Community as opposed to Samvera as just the technology.  Vision statement can include both people/community and technology. talks about what we do now and where we are now. The vision should explain where we are going and should also go on

From recommendations for constructing a great vision statement:

Clear, realistic, achievable.
Motivate and inspire.
Provide a sense of connection.

Great vision statements stretch you - if you're not a little bit afraid of your vision, then it's not big enough.

Process: craft visions separately using the data, enter your vision statements on this document by Friday 9/20, and then come together to discuss.

Next meeting: Tues 9/24 2pm ET


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