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  • Workshop Planning for Architecting repository infrastructure with Collection Types, Admin Sets, and Collections
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Use Cases

Have a use case you are working with that you would like to explore?  Add it here.  A variety of use cases will be selected to serve as examples during the workshop.  We will work through design possibilities and questions during the workshop in order to build a better understanding of the tools we have available to architect our repositories.

Use Case: Self-Deposit

In a self-deposit repository system, any user with a login can add works and files.

  • As a logged in user, I want to create new works that are attributed to me and discoverable by the public.
  • As a logged in user, I want to be able to organize my works for my own use.
  • As a logged in user, I want to be able to organize works to share with others.

Use Case:  Curated Exhibits

In a curated repository, select staff can create content and selectively release it for public consumption.

  • As a librarian, I want to select public works to include in a curated exhibit.

Use Case: Migration from D-Space to Hyrax

There are many uses for D-Space.  One use is the collection of faculty/staff research for a department on a university campus.

  • As a repository manager, I want to create collections for each organizational unit of the university.
  • As a faculty/staff member, I want to be able to create new works within my department's collection which are attributed to me.

Use Case: ... feel free to add another use case

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