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Contact me
Email: bbranan at duraspace dot org


Bill's primary role is as a developer and technical lead on the DuraCloud project where he has worked on the system architecture and core platform development, integrations with cloud storage and compute providers, design and development of the services infrastructure, and the creation of DuraCloud services, among other things. Bill is also a committer on the Fedora repository project.


Bill came to DuraSpace from Fedora Commons, where he started in January 2008. His work on the Fedora repository project primarily focused on user interaction components such as the messaging infrastructure, REST API, and Web administrator. Prior to this, Bill worked at Harris Corporation on projects for the National Archives, the FAA, and the Government Printing Office, all of which had significant data storage and access requirements.

Fun Fact(s)

Bill lives and works in Florida where he enjoys the warm weather and sunshine. He has twin 3-year-old boys which keep him very busy whenever he's not developing software.

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