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Fun Fact(s)

On two occasions Carol was called on to put out office fires as a pair of the very first Macintosh computers sponaneously combusted on her desk, one after the other. Smoke poured out of the little vents on top as a helpful colleague assured her that there was nothing to worry about because he was an engineer (and could operate a fire extinguisher).  Eventually Carol used a Macintosh Plus computer with an early version of Aldus Pagemaker and graphics software to create one of the first "real" publications in the U.S.  International Demographics was published by American Demographics, Inc. until 1990. The newsletter was used in Aldus marketing materials to promote the idea that "desktop publishing" was not just a vaporware concept, but that it really worked.

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Carol directs the Marketing and Communications team for DuraSpace as we move into an era of 24/7 information and social media accessed from personal systems of synched ibooks, ipads, iphones, gadgets and apps in the cloud. The program serves the DuraSpace organization and its distributed communities by coordinating and leveraging organizational and industry reports, posts, media and publications; developing and executing branding strategies, marketing materials and initiatives, and; working with partners and global repository communities to develop curricula for online educational events.


Carol Minton Morris is Director of Marketing and Communications for DuraSpace, and is past Communications Director for the National Science Digital Library (2000-2009) and Fedora Commons (2007-2009). She was a researcher in the Digital Libraries group in Cornell University Computing and Information Science from 2000-2010. Her interests are informed by her background in publishing and the visual arts. They include research and community development around establishing collaborative communications systems and tools for distributed content dissemination (NSDL On Ramp content management system:; NSDL Expert Voices:, connecting open access, open source and open technologies, people, projects and institutions with relevant news and information. She was the founding editor of NSDL Whiteboard Report (2000-2009) featuring information from NSDL projects and programs nationwide. Follow her at

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