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I am the Open Source Development Lead / Systems Architect at Missouri Botanical Garden in Saint Louis, Missouri.  I've implemented Fedora Commons 3.0 as a backend 'dark storage' datastore for our Tropicos image collection, note that the front end is served via a .NET solution supported by the Windows side of the house.  In 2009 I'll be working on Botanical Heritage Library Article Repository using Fedora Commons as the backend, and an Open Source front end to be named later.  Current working names are BLAH or BeuLAH (1342).  Watch this space for more info.


Presentations and conferences dealing with the use of Fedora Commons

  • I gave a talk at TDWG 2008 in Fremantle, Western Australia about Fedora Commons entitled "Using Fedora Commons To Create A Persistent Archive"
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  • I attended the Red Island Repository Institutes's Fedora Commons conference at UPEI in Prince Edward Island, Canada, August 2008 with presentations by Sandy Payette, Richard Green and Matt Zumwald


Pages and articles I've contributed to that I'm continuing to watch/update


I've used Linux since 1996, contact me if you have any questions or want to talk about anything Open Source; Fedora Commons related or not.


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