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The Muradora project aims to develop a web front-end for Fedora repository and to re-factor Fedora authentication and authorization into pluggable middleware components.


2009 April 08

The Muradora Team would like to announce that Muradora 1.4.0-beta1 has been released. This is the first version of Muradora that is compatible with Fedora 3.x. The release includes authorisation support for the new Fedora API's but not the experimental REST interface as yet. The installation instructions remain the same for this version as the previous.

The software packages can be downloaded from the Muradora Software Repository.

2009 February 02

The Muradora Project is current working on a Fedora 3.1 compliant version of Muradora. It is our intention to have an initial release that works with Fedora 3.1 by the end of February (barring any unforseen technical difficulties). Following that we will look at re-architecting Muradora to leverage many of the new features that Fedora 3.x brings to the table.


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Issue Tracking

Bugs and features for this project will be tracked here.