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Contributor: University of Southern Queensland



The Fascinator is an Apache Solr front end to the Fedora commons repository. This project is funded by ARROW, as part of the mini project scheme. The Fascinator is written in Java. It drops into the Tomcat server that comes with Fedora. The goal of the project is to create a simple interface to Fedora that uses a single technology - that's Solr - to handle all browsing, searching and security. This contrasts with solutions that use RDF for browsing by 'collection', XACML for security and a text indexer for fulltext search, and in some cases relational database tables as well. We wanted to see if taking out some of these layers makes for a fast application which is easy to configure. So far so good.

The Fascinator can:

  • Create one or more web portals for a Fedora 3 repository
  • Ingest content from other sources into Fedora 3 using OAI-PMH, a direct connection to Fedora 2 or via the experimental OAI-ORE
  • Provide simple efficient access control to Fedora repositories
  • It is Open Source (GPL)