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Code Block
sudo mkdir /dspace

cd /dspace

Download the



The source release allows you to customize every aspect of DSpace. This step downloads the compressed archive from SourceForge, and unpacks it in your current directory. The dspace-1.x.x-src-release directory is typically referred to as [dspace-src]. 

Code Block
sudo git clone (apt-get install git if you don't already have it)
# Now, actually checkout the 4.2 codebase via the 'dspace-4.2' tag. There's two options, CHOOSE ONE
# Option #1: Checkout the official 'dspace-4.2' tag into a new local branch (which we've named "dspace-source")
sudo git checkout -b dspace-source dspace-4.2

# Option #2: Just checkout the "dspace-4_x" maintenance branch. This will essentially include all the latest patches on 4.x
sudo git checkout dspace-4_x

Compile and Build DSpace

The source release that has been obtained is human readable source code, and must be compiled to machine code for the server to run it. "mvn package" compiles the source code, and "ant" will do all the work necessary to initialize the database with the DSpace schema, and copy all of the compiled machine code to a location where the web server can serve it. This will overwrite any existing installation of DSpace that you may have.