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  •  January / early February
    •  UI developers each presented their prototypes to the DSpace UI Working Group. These presentations were recorded and made publicly available off the DSpace UI Prototype Challenge page.
    •  Began gathering public feedback (on mailing lists, etc) on the Prototypes and their underlying technology / platform
  •   February
  •   March
    •  Select a UI architecture for recommendation (to DSpace Steering); validate it against our criteria (see evaluation form)
    •  March 16-17: Presentation of selected UI architecture to DSpace Steering & Leadership Groups at the DuraSpace Summit in Washington DC
    •  Late March / Early April: Final decision and announcement of next UI platform 
  •   June 
    •  June 13-16 (Open Repositories in Dublin) : Presentation / Discussion on the new UI platform (and possible demo of the work so far).