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I am looking forward to seeing many some of you at upcoming meetings and events near and far.!

Thank you to renewing members of DuraSpace, and a warm welcome to new members  ETH Zurich/ETH Library, Drexel University Libraries, and the German National Library of Science and Technology/Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)Naval Postgraduate School

Congratulations and best wishes to DuraSpace Board President Laura Wood who will begin her role as AUL for Research and Education at Harvard on July 18. She  

Strategic refresh discussions at recent staff retreat we discussed were focused around several significant ideas of interest to our members:

  • Mapping and understanding the scholarly ecosystem
  • Commonalities and repeatability to provide members with more and better access to events including user group meetings, training opportunities, and web seminars across projects
  • How to provide DevOps (development and operations) expertise and provisioning of resources at scale in collaboration with our community
  • Strategic partner criteria and creating additional membership value(please edit/add)

If you will be attending upcoming in-person meetings please say hello and/or feel free to reach out to me with questions or ideas at <>.

Warm regards,

Debra Hanken Kurtz


(please add bullet points to expand on for each project)





The new DSpace 7 UI will be highlighted at OR2017 in Brisbane, Australia next month. An update on the DSpace 7 Project (Angular UI and REST API) will be presented, providing the latest status of the work, next steps and how others can contribute. In addition, during workshop day, developers will have the opportunity to attend a DSpace Angular UI workshop to learn more about enhancing and customizing the upcoming UI. Here is a recent update presented by Wouter Jansens, Atmire, at the recent UK and Ireland DSpace User Group Meeting

To facilitate community discussion 4Science has made the new DSpace 7 REST API available on a demo server: http://dspace7.4science.itPlease try it out!

Interested in the DSpace 7 "Big Picture"? Tim Donohue, DSpace Tech Lead and the DSpace 7 UI Outreach Group have written a concise summary of the initiative including background, a breakdown of the technology plan, and more. Read more here.


A recent web seminar entitled, "Powering Linked Data and Hosted Solutions with Fedora" offered a preview of Fedora-related OR2017 presentations. David Wilcox, Fedora Product Manager with DuraSpace, gave an overview of Fedora with a focus on its native linked data capabilities. Hannah Frost, Manager, Digital Library Product and Service Management with Stanford University, presented Hyku, the Hydra-in-a-box repository product, which provides a hosted option for Fedora-based repositories.  Esmé Cowles, Digital Infrastructure Developer with Princeton University, demonstrated how the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) can be integrated with Fedora and Hydra to manage digitized books, manuscripts, and other image-based content in a flexible and reusable way. Tom Murphy, Director of Computing and Network Services with the University of Michigan - ICPSR, discussed going into production with Fedora 4 using a custom application framework. A recording of this webinar along with the presentation slides is available at

Speaking of Fedora 4, Dan Coughlin, IT Manager, Digital Scholarship and Repository Development, Penn State Libraries, describes Fedora 4 in production at Penn State ScholarSphere in this blog post.

Experienced trainers and Fedora gurus are on the road again offering two more Fedora Camps this year. The first is a combined Fedora and Hydra Camp to be held at Oxford University, Sept 4 - 8, 2017. Registration is available here with an early bird discount until July 10.  The camp will be hosted by Oxford University Oxford, UK and is supported by Jisc.

Fedora Camp Texas, is co-hosted by Texas Digital Library and the University of Texas Libraries and will take place in Austin October 16-18, 2017. Registration is available here and local accommodations are available at a reduced rate–early bird discounts until Aug. 14.


The first-ever community-organized VIVO Conference is set to take place at Weill Cornell Medicine in NYC, August 2-4.


We are pleased to welcome new DuraCloud customer the Denver Art Museum.


WHERE WE'LL BE (please update)

ELAG2017, June 6,  David Wilcox, Fedora Bootcamp
OR2017, June 26-30, Debra Hanken Kurtz, Tim Donohue, Andrew Woods, David Wilcox, Mike Conlon, Graham Triggs, Erin Tripp
SAA Archives 2017July 23-29, Heather Greer Klein
VIVO2017, Aug 2-4, Debra Hanken Kurtz, Mike Conlon, Graham Triggs