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PDFs optimized for printing most probably use CMYK color schemes. While most Printers work with CMYK colors, monitors use RGB color schemes. From this it follows that it is a good idea to convert CMYK color schemes to RGB when creating thumbnail images. Furthermore the JSPUI currently does not support thumbnails using CMYK color schemes (see DS-2834).

If you are using Ghostscript at least in (version 9 or above), DSpace can create thumbnails that use RGB even if the source PDF was using CMYK. For the transformation from CMYK to RGB Ghostscript needs ICC profiles. Default ones are provided by most Ghostscript installations from (version 9 upwardsor above). The following configuration options tell DSpace where those ICC profiles are located.


You may need to adjust those paths for your OS or the version of Ghostscript that you have.

Giving Providing ICC profiles to ImageMagick is optional. If these configuration properties in DSpace are unset, no profiles will be supplied to ImageMagick, which won't convert the thumbnailsand thumbnails produced from PDFs using the CMYK color scheme will use the default method with less-accurate colors.

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