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  • DSpace: $229,500; 55 members; 92% of goal 
  • Fedora: $544,750; 71 members; 94% of goal 
  • VIVO: $191,583; 24 members; 68% of goal 
  • General: $97,500; 19 members ; 115% of goal



We are pleased to welcome new DSpaceDirect customer California Baptist University.DuraCloud customers SUNY Maritime College, Dominican Sisters of Hope, and LYRASIS. We also welcome new DSpaceDirect customers Keene State College and National University Hospital Singapore. 

ArchivesDirectDSpaceDirect, and DuraCloud services from DuraSpace are built on solid open source software platforms and require very little effort to start up. DuraSpace staff experts work directly with service customers to provide personalized on-boarding processes and superb customer support. Our services can provide open access to institutional resources, preservation of treasured collections, and simplified data management tools. Contact to Contact Heather Greer Klein, Services Coordinator, to learn more about any of the web services DuraSpace offers.