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  • 2017-12-19 Meeting notes

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  • Determine where to document and prioritize UX issues.

Discussion items

15minGithub labels/teams/issuesJenn/Steve/All
  • A few UI/UX tags are in use. Some notify advisors, some don't. Some tags are improperly deployed.
  • Some links to issues:
  • Steve: Difference between Nurax and Hyrax repos has to do with testing. Nurax is used for release testing, candidate code is uploaded to this domain. Reported issues and bugs are put into Nurax. This makes it clear which issues are for pending release, as opposed to general issues that folks place in Hyrax.

Who are our users, and what are their goals? For image-based resources we have "photographers, catalogers, curators". What are roles/goals for users that are managing non-image-based resources (i.e., datasets, geo-resources, a/v)?

(Shaun will share some draft personas/roles from Figgy.)

15minPattern/template library for re-usable UI components. A 'go to' repository of code templates. Say if one were to create a new "cancel" button, or a modal window, or a text input, they could reference this shared repository for starter markup.Adam/All
5minInterest in organizing working group for usability testingAdam/All

Action items