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To install your Handle resolver on the host where DSpace runs:


We recommend configuring your Handle server without a passphrase, as the current DSpace start-handle-server scripts do not yet support startup with a passphrase.

If you choose to set a passphrase, you may need to start the Handle Server via: [dspace]\bin\dspace dsrun net.handle.server.Main [dspace]\handle-server

  1. To configure your DSpace installation to run the handle server, run the following command:

    Code Block
    [dspace]/bin/dspace make-handle-config [dspace]/handle-server

    Ensure that [dspace]/handle-server matches whatever you have in dspace.cfg for the handle.dir property.

    1. If you are using Windows, the proper command is:

      Code Block
      [dspace]/bin/dspace dsrun net.handle.server.SimpleSetup [dspace]/handle-server

      Ensure that [dspace]/handle-server matches whatever you have in dspace.cfg for the handle.dir property.

  2. Edit the resulting [dspace]/handle-server/config.dct file to include the following lines in the "server_config"clause:

    Code Block
    "storage_type" = "CUSTOM"
    "storage_class" = "org.dspace.handle.HandlePlugin"

    This tells the Handle server to get information about individual Handles from the DSpace code.

  3. Once the configuration file has been generated, you will need to go to to upload the generated file. The upload page will ask you for your contact information. An administrator will then create the naming authority/prefix on the root service (known as the Global Handle Registry), and notify you when this has been completed. You will not be able to continue the handle server installation until you receive further information concerning your naming authority.
  4. When CNRI has sent you your naming authority prefix, you will need to edit the config.dct file. The file will be found in /[dspace]/handle-server. Look for "300:0.NA/YOUR_NAMING_AUTHORITY". Replace YOUR_NAMING_AUTHORITY with the assigned naming authority prefix sent to you.
  5. Now start your handle server (as the dspace user):

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    1. If you are using Windows, there is a corresponding 'start-handle-server.bat' script:

      Code Block


  • Download the DSpace source from SourceForge GitHub and unzip it (WinZip will do this)
  • If you install PostgreSQL, it's recommended to select to install the pgAdmin III tool. It provides a nice User Interface for interacting with PostgreSQL databases.
  • For all path separators use forward slashes (e.g. "/"). For example: "C:/dspace" is a valid Windows path.  But, be warned that "C:\dspace" IS INVALID and will cause errors.