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  1. 4.7.5 release testing - discussion of where things stand
  2. Sign up for API Alignment sprints by adding your name
  3. Delta Document,  Sprint Optimization, and due dates
  4. Compatibility Test Suite 
  5. Pairtree/Appletree options
    1. Proposal (based on group discussion)

      Code Block
      1. by default, minted identifiers should not have any pairtree structure
      2. by supplying a system property, the current pairtree generation can be restored
      3. retrieving the pairtree nodes should either a) require a second system property or b) not be supported at all

  6. Jira
    serverDuraSpace JIRA
     - Also move forward with creation-side resolution?
  7. External Content: Redirect or Proxy? on fedora-tech
    1. (TBD only is appropriate people are on the line)
  8. ...