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This is an archived listing of DSpace project ideas for Google Summer of Code in 2008. To see which projects actually took part in GSoC 2008, please visit the Past Google DSpace Summer of Code Projects page



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NOTE: The first part of this is already somewhat "completed" in my work on the MediaFilter. To create such a custom MediaFilter, I had to change the old MediaFilter abstract class into a Java interface, so that you can create MediaFilters which are also Plugins (a la PluginManager). I released a patch a while back (SF#1589429, perhaps wrongly named "Named MediaFilters"), which does exactly this and is required for the work I've done. That being said, I like the simple admin UI idea to potentially allow for*any MediaFilters to be kicked off (and perhaps even configured more easily) via an admin UI. - TimDonohue

  • Wiki MarkupNOTE: Anyone looking into this area should take note of the "Transparent Format Migration" work of the LOCKSS team (Rosenthal \ [\- JohnErickson
  • NOTE: This should be based on the BitstreamFormat+Renovation] work Completed by Larry Stone earlier this Year. --Mark Diggory 11:24, 18 March 2008 (EDT)