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At an absolute minimum, you should back up:

  • Wiki Markup\[dspace-source\] if you've made any customisations
  • Wiki Markup\[dspace\]/assetstore Wiki Markup
  • \[dspace\]/config
  • Wiki Markup\[dspace\]/history and \ [dspace\]/log if you want to preserve activity records
  • PostgreSQL, especially /usr/local/pgsql/data (or wherever the data dir is)

Really you could carry own down the tool and O/S stack; Java, Tomcat it's a judgement call as to how far down you go.

Storage layer backup

Wiki MarkupJust back up the data; i.e. the RDBMS tables and \ [dspace\]/assetstore (in the default config). You assume that you will be able to recreate a software/hardware environment that will run DSpace, and then you will just need to restore the data.

The advantage of this approach is that you only have to back up the data; as long as you can reconstruct the correct DSpace and PostgreSQL versions, it doesn't matter if the underlying hardware and OS are different. i.e. you're not so reliant on having an exact replica of the hardware and OS around to restore the backup.