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In the file [dspace-source]/dspace/config/modules/rdf.cfg you want to configure the address of the public sparql endpoint and the address of the writable endpoints endpoint DSpace uses use to connect to the triple store (the properties public.sparql.endpoint, storage.graphstore.endpoint and storage.sparql.endpoint). In the same file you want to configure the URL that addresses the dspace-rdf module which is depending on where you deployed it (property contextPath) and switch content negotiation on (set property contentNegotiation.enable = true).

In the file [dspace-source]/dspace/config/modules/rdf/constant-data-general.ttl you should change the links to the Web UI of the repository and the public readable SPARQL endpoint. The URL of the public SPARQL endpoint should point to a URL that is proxied by a webserver to the Triple Store. See the section Install a Triple Store above for further information.