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Comment: deleted the confusing and duplicative upgrade docs, replaced them with a warning to developers to reindex if they change the schema


These fields are not used by the new 1.6 Statistics, but are only related to the Statistics from previous DSpace releases.

Upgrade Process for Statistics

Example of rebuild and redeploy DSpace (only if you have configured your distribution in this manner)

First approach the traditional DSpace build process for updating

Code Block
cd [dspace-source]/dspace
mvn package
cd [dspace-source]/dspace/target/dspace-installer
ant -Dconfig=[dspace]/config/dspace.cfg update
cp -R [dspace]/webapps/* [TOMCAT]/webapps

The last step is only used if you do not follow the recommended practice of configuring [dspace]/webapps as location for webapps in your servlet container (Tomcat, Resin or Jetty). If you only need to build the statistics, and don't make any changes to other web applications, you can replace the copy step above with:

Code Block
cp -R dspace/webapps/solr TOMCAT/webapps

Again, only if you are not mounting [dspace]/webapps directly into your Tomcat, Resin or Jetty host (the recommended practice)

Restart your webapps (Tomcat/Jetty/Resin)

NOTE for developers: if you change the SOLR schema for statistics, you need to reindex existing SOLR stats data.

You can use the solr-reindex-statistics script to do this.

Statistics Administration