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  • 2018-07-10 SIGAHR Meeting notes

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Discussion items

10 mins
  • Reflect on the 2.1.0 Release Process

How did it go - what could we do differently next time?

15 minsTargeted Refactoring for 2.1.1

Refactoring falls into a few camps -

Backward Compatibility Legend:

BC - either no backward compatibility concerns or easy to make backward compatible
BC? - requires analysis to determine backward compatibility impact
BC - either difficult to make backward compatible or requires significant effort to achieve backward compatibility

A Few Key Proposed Refactors

  • BC - 2.1.0 created lightweight versions of admin set and collection factories. A few tests were updated. Need to refactor remaining test that use Admin sets and collections to use lightweight factories and then remove heavy factories. (Issue #2940)
  • BC - Works could also benefit from a lightweight refactoring.
  • BC? - Drying up of code in Collection Views. (Issue #1677)
  • BC? - Performance improvements around indexing (Issue #1826)
  • BC - Make new Edit Collection UI look like Work UI. (Issue #3107)
  • BC - Cleanup of participants organization - recorded in permission tempates or ACLs in Fedora. Ideally one place to check that. Should be ACLs. Refactor to get depositor info int ACL. (Issue #2474)
  • Additional Potential Refactors: open issues in Hyrax - 21 marked as Refactoring

Some weigh in by responsible parties on priorities. See if there's another category that should be considered.

10 minsRecent Hyrax Activity
  • Hyrax Working Group
  • Analytics
  • Bulk
  • Accessibility

15 minsRepository Certifications and Hyrax