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  • Capacity, reflected in structure of group
  • Do not know how to increase capacity
  • Participation in standups stand-ups varied throughout the week
  • Scope was looked at in various ways
  • Lot of variability in how the group was looking at the tickets in the sprint


If it's going well, re-charter during Samvera Connect


  • Supports rechartering the WG
  • Feels that drawing a greater degree of interest would be useful
  • Not certain how this would be undertaken, and voiced this in the retrospective for the last (i. e.


  • first) sprint


  • This was very successful in getting us the kind of low-level view of dependencies
  • Having the calls alone provides us with the ability to conceptualize how to manage maintaining the core components
  • Doing more outreach and having some clarity about what folks doing maintenance on solution bundles or community calls should do when they find problems
  • Our approach is to have them route the requests through the product owners (who dispatch us as needed)
  • This might not be clear to members of the community, and this practice also has not been adopted