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Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant:  TBA based on sign-up.  Watch for more info.  Ping elrayle in Slack with questions.

The plan was to gather We are traveling in two groups:

1) by Trax leaving promptly at 5:10 in the middle area on the first floor, then walk to Stadium Station to catch Trax to downtown. I didn’t realize the sessions ended from center break area of 1st floor. Look for Lynette Rayle

2) by Lyft leaving just after sessions end at 5:30 . I made a reservation for dinner at 6:00. Please contact me in Slack (elrayle) to let me know if you can make 5:10. from just outside Gould Auditorium.  Look for Chris Colvard

Reservation is for 6:00pm


  1. Lynette Rayle (Organizer)
  2. David McCallum
  3. Eben English
  4. Doug Goans
  5. Andy Smith
  6. Jeremy Morse
  7. Anna Headley
  8. Tracy MacMath
  9. Maria Whitaker
  10. Chris Colvard
  11. FULL