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  • 2018-10-22 Meeting Notes and Agenda

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      • Electing to defer standing meeting time to doodle owing to absences here
      • How does Hyrax roadmap apply to the collective efforts?
        • It may be composed from Hyrax/Hyku/Avalon roadmaps?
          • Action Item: Jennifer to discuss similarly formatted roadmap for Avalon
      • Getting input to the RMC group
        • Trying to maintain openness to feedback/input
        • Maybe have solicited individuals from other WGs on the agenda for the meetings?
        • Can we make sure we get a report from RMC members on reporting style of other groups?
        • Or maybe do a gap analysis of what we have covered?
        • Are the key groups operating under an active charter from Partners? Need to confirm.
      • December White Paper planning
        • Building on components vs building on a solution bundle
          • Scope of personnel commitment for each
          • Case studies where relevant
        • Relationship of core component plans and higher-level (hyrax-y) plans
        • Propose a role for the RMC
        • Might be more than one paper, or a white paper accompanied by one-pagers, etc
        • Difficulty of writing by committee
          • Who would otherwise draft (or at least outline) such a paper? Can we break this work up?
          • Important early deliverable will be outlining/identifying key topics
          • Action item: draft list of topics by late November meeting - Rob
        • Action item: establish a biweekly meeting schedule until white paper is composed, to make process less vulnerable to partial outages
          • Action item: Will use doodle polls - Julie