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Table of Contents

Community and Collection Structure Importer

This Command-Line tool gives you the ability to import a community and collection structure directory from a source XML file.


Command used:

[dspace]/bin/dspace structure-builder

Java class:


Argument: short and long (if available) forms:

Description of the argument


Source xml file.  The presence of this argument engages import mode.


Output xml file.  Required.  A copy of the input augmented with the Handles assigned to each new Community or Collection.


Email of DSpace Administrator.  Required.

XML Import Format

The administrator need to build the source xml document in the following format:


This will examine the contents of source.xml, import the structure into DSpace while logged in as the supplied administrator, and then output the same structure to the output file, but including the handle for each imported community and collection as an attribute.


  • Currently this does not export community and collection structures, although it should only be a small modification to make it do so

Community and Collection Structure Exporter

This command-line tool writes the current Community and Collection structure into an XML document in the format which is read by the importer.  See above for format details.


Code Block
[dspace]/bin/dspace structure-builder [-h] [-?] -x -e <eperson> -o <output>

  Argument: short and long (if available) forms: 

Description of the argument

-x, --exportExport the current structure as XML.  The presence of this argument engages export mode.
-e, --eperson  email or netid

User who is manipulating the repository's structure.  Required.  This user's rights determine access to communities and collections.

-o, --output  file path

The exported structure is written here.  Required.

-h or -?Help