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  1. the desirability of seeking sponsorship for elements of the annual Samvera Connect conference.  Such sponsorship income might, for instance, be used to release some of the income from attendance fees for a wider purpose.  If sponsorship is seen as desirable, the FWG is asked to propose a practical approach.
  2. how funds might be raised from sources beyond the current donors. Those Samvera Partners and Supporters who are able to offer monetary contributions provide some $2,000 to $15,000 each annually and the total of these falls well short of the figure needed to support one employee, let alone two.  It seems likely that we need to look beyond our immediate Community for income.  The FWG is asked to provide a recommended approach to this additional fundraising.
  3. how to manage the annual funding appeal to Samvera's Partners and Supporters in such a way that is complementary to the additional fundraising described in #2 above.