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Institution NameProduct/Service Name Brief Description
(what is it used for and by whom?)
Main Features
(any customized features or additions to base gems)
Samvera solutions/gems (Please list the gem names like Hyku, Hyrax, Avalon, Sufia, older gems) Storage Layer (Please list the storage like Fedora 3.2, Fedora 4.3 etc)
University of Michigan and Indiana University


source code on github

Research Data Repository
HyraxFedora 4.7.4
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillService: Carolina Digital Repository (CDR)
App: hy-c
Institutional Repository for OA articles, student papers, research data, posters, 3d objects, OER and more.

People objects

Admin set/work type matching

12 worktypes

Blacklight OAI provider

Custom workflows


Hyrax 2.4.xFedora 4.7.4

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