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All meetings will be recorded. Recordings and brief/summary notes will appear here after the meeting

Widget Connector

  • Reminder of our target dates. See agenda item #1 above
  • PR updates/feedback
  • Tim Donohue TODO: Resync: Need to update "configurable_entities" branch with latest "master".
  • Other Entities tickets still open.  Work started within Atmire, but no PR yet.

  • Author Profiles discussion

    • Went over "Discussion Points" on the last two pages of Google Doc:
    • Mixing plain text, entities, and Authority Control for a metadata field (eg. author)
      • No real objections. Would like to see how this works in code/practice. Unsure how this affects the code
      • As noted by Lieven, some possible analysis of how it'd work for Submission UI is necessary, once the Angular Submission PR is done.
    • Additional data for relations (to support name variants, and similar)
      • Lieven went over two options for adding metadata/data on relationships
      • Tim questioned whether we actually need to have metadata on relationships.  Why not keep metadata on individual Entities and use Virtual Metadata?  For example, use Virtual Metadata for name variants
        • While this works for many relationships, there are performance concerns for large amounts of virtual metadata
        • E.g. if you have hundreds of articles with different name variants, would performance suffer if you pull in virtual metadata from all articles.
        • Tim notes that we could use Solr to improve performance instead of storing metadata on the relationship.
      • DECISION: After a lot of discussion, the four of us (Lieven, Tim, Mark & Paulo) felt that we may want to delay any decision on name variants until after the Preview Release.
        • After Preview Release, we can have a more focused discussion on how Name Variants (and similar) can be implemented simply into DSpace 7.
        • We don't want to over engineer this, and a simple solution for DSpace 7 may be best.