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3. GDPR and work done by vendor DSquare technologies

  • Pascal is working on investigating specifications for GDPR.
  • DSquare has done implementation but doesn't want to contribute the code and is seeking financial compensation for costs.
  • DSquare is involved in the community by organizing the India DSpace User Group meeting.
  • The group as a whole is philosophically not in favor of covering the costs for development by RSPs.
  • Specifications of the development are not clear at the moment, and it might include developments that are not strictly needed for GDPR compliance.
  • Specifying changes needed for the GDPR is already  significant body of work in itself.
  • Joao asks about which version of DSpace the code is written for, and Pascal responded that that was not disclosed at this point.
  • Tim mentioned that DSquare is planning to adopt the same strategy as 4science uses for add-on modules, and suggested to say that DSpace itself will not cover the costs but can help with marketing to allow for institutions contracting with DSquare to make sure the costs get covered that way and then the code can be contributed.
  • Pascal mentioned that the model from 4science is well suited for add-ons that provide additional features but that GDPR should be treated differently as it is a core feature.
  • Cesar also mentions that the code was not developed in an open and transparent fashion, and we would also be making an exception to our common practices in that. Tim mentions that part of the standard working group process is to open up the code for review, otherwise the code can not be accepted.
  • Salwa is advocating that accepting this would be opening a pandora's box and proposes to invite DSquare to the working group to define the specs for GDPR compliance, and then assess which of those requirements are covered by the code that was developed and only at that point we can discuss costs.
  • GDPR working group will be formed shortly and a German university is possibly providing a lawyer that can support the group.
  • Pascal is suggesting to provide feedback before the working group is formed.
  • Salwa suggests to reach out as the leadership group representative and ask for the specifications before we can discuss covering costs.
  • Conclusion: the Leadership group's philosophy is not to compensate RSPs for code contributions but in order to take a final decision we would need to first better understand what the code entails and the functionality is that is included.
  • Due to the nature of this discussion, the minutes from this section are only available to the LG members at this link

4. DSpace roadmap 2019-2021

  • Salwa created a spreadsheet for the DSpace 3-year roadmap working group and the spreadsheet will be shared to start discussions.