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Question 3: John Butler asked Erin Trip about differences between Lyrasis and DuraSpace size and budget. She explained that Lyrasis budget is bigger than Duraspace’s one and Michele Mennielli posted a document with more details

Question 4: Lieven asked about future international relationship impact. Erin Trip replied that Lyrasis has not only American partners but also international ones. Foreign relations will be preserved.

Question 7: Pascal-Nicolas Becker thinks that for Germany a new model different from “direct one” could be a problem because is simpler to find funds for DSpace.
Erin and Pascal proposed to discuss more on this topic in other meetings.
Beate Rajski asked on chat - But it would be in the hands of the DSpace Community to decide to stay with "direct funds" or not?
Erin Trip answered yes, there’s no intention to remove autonomy to leaders groups. The intention is to have more projects under one roof and give best practices and recommendations that could be accepted or rejected by leaders.
Susanna Mornati said on chat that Q7 is fundamental for sustainability.
Erin wonder to find an hybrid model that improves sustainability.

Question 8: César Olivares said that for Peru is important to give funds direct for the projects they invest on: DSpace.

Question 9: John Butler via chat asked: Do you have a sense of the reaction so far in the other two DuraSpace communities (Fedora, Vivo) to the intent for merging?
Erin Trip answered that in Fedora and VIVO meetings there were more high level conversation, really positive and oriented to differences between this merger and 2016 one. There were interest to know more.

It was late and the group decided to stop the discussion. Further discussion will continue in other meeting. Here doodle:

Agenda 3: Discuss DSpace Roadmap and next steps and coordination
First argument: Product Manager position.
Tim, Susanna, Michele, Erin and Lieven met ten days ago and identified that PM is the primary lack to boost DSpace release.
So they DuraSpace proposed to reallocate some funds to a part time PM. They propose to drop 5k to Market and meetings budget but after discussion between Pascal, Erin, Valorie, Salwa and Lieven leaders voted to cut 2k from marketing and 3k from the total income. In the meantime we will ask for dspace-direct contribution and, in case, marketing and total income will be restored to previous version.

Agenda 2: Approval of the 2019 DSpace Budget
Leardes approved for PM position and for new version of budget.