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  1. (warning) (REST Contract) Group and eperson management: (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - Reviewed & added questions/feedback,  Tim Donohue - Reviewed & added questions/feedback)
  2. (attenzione) (REST Contract) Endpoint for EPerson profile PATCH requests: (UPDATED PR - Andrea Bollini (4Science) minor changes requested, Paulo Graça  minor changes requested)
  3. (REST Contract) Metadata PATCH support: (UPDATED - all received suggestions applied, ready to be merged after approval)
  4. (tick) (REST) Metadata as a Map: (Approved / ready to be merged, but related to should be merged same time as next PR #347)
  5. (tick)(Angular) Metadata as a Map: (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)minor changes requested and implemented. Paulo Graça - approved )
  6. (warning) (Angular) Modifying Metadata Registries: (Paulo Graça- approved - new DS-4170 to address usability issues. Tim Donohue )
  7. (tick) (Angular) Browse-By links in NavBar & Pages: (Paulo Graça- approved,  Tim Donohue - approved)
  8. (Angular) Submission implementation:  (UPDATEDall received suggestion applied, ready to be merged after approval)
  9. (Angular) Administrative Item Edit: (NEW PR)
  10. (Angular) Browse by date and Starts-With component: (NEW PR)
  11. (Backend) Upgrading Solr Server for DSpace - Initial PR: (Terry Brady , Kim Shepherd , Art Lowel (Atmire))
    1. Might have an impact on MyDSpace PR (See "In Progress" section)?