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  • Connection of CRIS Entities (Project, Awards) via autocomplete with Publications

    New/Existing CRIS Entities like projects or awards (maybe "best papers") should be easily connected/disconnected by researchers with existing publications. We do not want our researcher to use the "Claim"-Functionality for that. A first time calculation from 4Science: 6 days (basics) + 4 days (delete funktionality) = 10 days work.
    Interested: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig ), Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt )
    Hamburg University of Technology: This feature wants to enable the user to set existing publications to a project from the project perspective, right? If this is, what is described here, we would also be interested in having this feature and would be willing to jump into it for shared costs.

  • RDMO integration
    A researcher should be able to reuse his own project metadata stored in RDMO. Maybe connection via SWORD. 
    Interested: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig )