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  1. First, install the necessary prerequisites. You will just need to install three things: Docker Desktop (to run Docker), Git (to access our shared Docker compose files) and finally download those shared Docker compose files.
    1. Instructions for Windows 10
    2. Instructions for Mac OS
    3. Instructions for Linux 
  2. Next, run the "DSpace 7 With Entities" Docker compose commands detailed at:
    1. We recommend using the "DSpace 7 Preview Release" commands detailed on that page, as those will ensure you also see the new sample DSpace 7 Theme (tentatively titled "Mantis")
    2. If you'd rather see the default Bootstrap look and feel (unthemed DSpace 7), use the "latest DSpace 7" instructions listed on that page.
  3. After a few minutes, you should have a full local installation of DSpace 7 Preview (with test data).
    1. User Interface: http://localhost:3000/
    2. REST API: http://localhost:8080/spring-rest
    3. Admin Login:, Password: dspace
    4. Submitter Login:, Password: dspace
    5. Workflow Login accounts: 
      1. step 1: dspace
      2. step2: dspace
      3. step3: dspace
  4. Objects/Pages of interest (within the test data):
    1. Journal Example represents a journal with journal volumes, issues and articles, as detailed in the Configurable Entities Design.
    2. Publications Example contains publications which contain a combination of plain-text authors and related author entities. It also contains relations to Research Projects and Organizational Units, as detailed in the Configurable Entities design. Navigating to e.g. a Person will reveal their relations to Publications, Research Projects and Organizational Units.
    3. Submission/Workflow functionality can be tested using one of the collections in this community where the workflow is enabled. You can use the accounts mentioned above to perform the submission and workflow steps. The admin account can perform the submission and all workflow steps as well.
    4. Once logged in, MyDSpace functionality is found in the user menu (upper right).  Submissions can be started from that page, or via the "New → Item" admin menu (if logged in as an Admin).
  5. Once you are done testing, you can stop Docker and clean up the data (deleting the volumes).  More information can be found in the instructions at