This Confluence wiki site, maintained by DuraSpace prior to the recent merger with LYRASIS, will transition from the domain to the domain on Saturday, Nov 16 beginning at approximately 7pm ET. A period of downtime of 2-3 hours is expected. After the transition, this wiki will be available at All links to wiki pages will be redirected to the correct URL. If you have questions prior to or following the transition please contact:
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  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • Updates
    • DuraSpace team: focused on the the merger, so not much DuraCloud activity
    • TDL: The TCDL conference was last week
      • A few more folks interested in the replication task suite. It's broken in version 6.3, hoping this gets resolved in 6.4
      • A lot of folks wanting to push data from DSpace to DuraCloud
      • DPN data: UT and Texas A&M will just re-ingest with Chronopolis
        • UT Rio Grange - Planning to re-ingest
        • Trinity Univ - Have 3 snapshots (not even 100 GB), but haven't indicated what they will be doing
      • TCDL: Will be moving forward with DPLA
      • Finalized developer roadmap: BPress to DSpace, DSpace 7 review
      • Nick just needs time to get back to DuraCloud dev work
      • SCUFUG (Fedora User Group): Texas A&M, UT, Houston
        • Working to migrate content from Fedora 3.8 to 4
        • OCFL discussed at length, this just makes sense
        • Some questions about Fedora 5 migration tooling
  • Development work
    • Nick has a list of work to do
    • Danny should have some time in June, may look at 
      serverDuraSpace JIRA
  • UT Rio Grande valley asked about Spanish language support. Certain files have non-ASCII characters.
    • This should be fine as long as content is sent in UTF-8 (which is handled by the SyncTool)


  •  Bill Branan will check with Andrea about  in-progress tickets