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  • See above pull requests related to this work. 
  • ORCHiD support request above, Tim will reach out to find out if there has been any progress. 

Submission form (submission-forms.xml) changes to support Entities


OpenAIRE 4.0

  • Working to make DSpace 7 compliant out of the box
  • DSpace and OpenAIRE signed an MOU to deliver this compliance
  • Paulo will lead this effort via a working group; have waited until the right phase of DSpace 7 development
  • There is a proposed methodology and resources to make this work happen, and a draft work plan with 4 phases. 
  • Important to discuss this work 10-15 minutes as part of the Configurable Entities Working Group, to ensure work is coordinated, but also have additional meetings as needed.
  • Tim suggests we make this a weekly meeting for the near term. Next meeting will be June 25th.

Action Items

Any assigned actions will appear here, along with details of who they are assigned to.